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This is Martin, @themartincox to his 40,000 followers.

Martin really likes to ride bikes, tell stories, and inspire other people to ride their bikes.

Martin Cox at Malin Head

He really really likes to ride his bike across continents.

He’s ridden across Europe, racing in the Transcontinental bike race, doing stealth rides trying to surprise his wife 1200 miles away, and ridden across and over the UK.

This year Martin is racing the 4200miles Trans-Am Bike Race, from Astoria in Oregon, to in Virginia. Solo, and unsupported.

He won’t win. He might make the top ten.

He WILL create a stunning series of photos, videos, and in-race reportage; to inspire it’s readers, his followers, and give a fantastic opportunity for your brand to be associated with an exemplary piece of human achievement.

Martin also provides content for a variety of other sites, his series around the Transcontinental Race had over 1 million page views in 10 days!

The race will take approx. 21 days (around 250 miles per day), with social media content each day (twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn). This content can feature your company, highlighting its use on this grandest of races.

However, this racing is expensive. Martin needs to consume around 10,000 calories per day to keep the legs turning. He will need to sleep in a bed every 3 days, and he needs to get to America (and back home again afterwards).

Martin is looking for support from appropriate brands, to keep his legs turning, and to help them with exposure and content opportunities.

The grand total is around £2,000 (which covers food, lodging, and flights) and Martin would love to discuss how he can provide value and exposure to make it worth your while! GET IN TOUCH HERE!

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