All in for the Trans-Am bike race!

Throwing your hat in the ring – feel the fear and do it anyway!

When stars align, schedules match, and school holidays allow, there comes a magical time, a time that’s super rare, indeed a time that’s so rare it seems only right that you should enter the Trans-Am bike race!

It’s one of the longest self-supported bike races in the world, with just a single stage taking riders from west, through to east, coast, coming in at a bonkers 4,300 miles – by yourself, without outside support, on a bike, pedalling…

It’s been on my radar for a few years since its inauguration, and this year I a) took the plunge and b) got a pass from my beloved wife. The timings are right so I don’t miss work at University, and I also still get to see the family when they are on school holidays – i’m also not missing any birthdays this year, which is obviously a BIG bonus!

It’s vaguely terrifying, being 2,000km further than I’ve ridden before, but also incredibly exciting – being 2,000km further than I’ve ridden before!

As of this moment, it’s 95 days away; training is a mixture of intense Wahoo Kickr sessions, leg work, and the occasional long ride. As the days get longer there will be more of everything, increasing both in intensity and duration – being a university lecturer my work load decreases in April so more time on the bike will be forthcoming – my dreams are filled with bike rides to Scotland and Cornwall!

My steed for the race will be a most excellent Specialized Roubaix Expert Di2, I’m super stoked to be supported by Specialized for this race, and will be getting a Retul bike fit to totally nail down the ideal position – over a 3 week race it’s imperative that the position is both dialled for power, comfort, and maximum (sustainable) aero – there’s enough scope for nerve damage already so the fit will play a crucial part in avoiding damage.

I’m running a Gofundme for this if you feel like supporting me – there’s a LOT of food involved – and as a bonus, I’m sharing 50% of all donations with World Bike Relief (you can also nab yourself a Newton Bike Shop t-shirt!)

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